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The Powerhouse Entrepreneur Masterclass series (yes, there will be more!)...was made to assist new entrepreneurs and current ones, in getting grand opening and pivot ready! You will be able to learn things such as convincing your audience, defining your purpose, turning your current skillset into coins plus more!

Masterclasses That Convert Into Clients

Get Gems On Your Time

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Pin Point Your Purpose

Understanding your "why" in business will take you further and allow you to add value in all that you do!

Client Ready

Learn valuable tips to become an asset in your community and make a positive impact on your clients

How To Launch Your Business Using What You Have

Attend this informational masterclass if you need the blueprint on what you need to launch your business!

We Don't Gate Keep Over Here!

This guide was made to get you started TODAY with launching your business!

The Guide comes complete with everything from a Getting E-Commerce Ready Checklist to An Essentials Guide filled with all tools such as tech products all the way down to apps and resources, that will assist you in launching!

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A Podcast For 5-9 Hustlers!

If you are ready to stop waiting for a check and start writing them, make sure that you subscribe to the 8 Figure Mindset Podcast hosted by yours truly!

As an ex-corporate girlie, I have acquired so much knowledge that I need to share with my 8 Figure Gang!

I will be dropping gems to help you break free from the monotony of capitalism and build a legacy suitable for a trust fund!