Welcome to the university for aspiring entrepreneurs that are ready to build generational wealth & stability! Here you will learn how to create a community surrounding your business, gems to make your day to day a breeze, how to get grand opening ready & more! Starting out, there was so much I needed to know but it only came with time, trial and error. Learn how to work with what you have until you have more! Let's centralize the key points to educate yourself on how to add more than one source of income to your portfolio!

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Allow me to introduce myself!

More About Your Dean...

I am the owner of Moonstone Energy which provides essential spiritual wellness tools for all spiritual beings to connect with their highest selves and heal from past traumas. I wanted to extend my reach by providing other entrepreneurs with the tools needed to be successful in their various niches. By sharing what I know and what I use to thrive in business, my hope is that you leave here filled with knowledge and apply what you've learned to manifest your dreams. Class is now in session!


If you are in need of assistance during the class portion, feel free to reach out to me and I will assist. If you'd like a mentorship beyond the classroom, mentorship options are available.

Visible Growth

Get disciplined and take charge! Growing your business just got easier. Learn essential business tools to aid you in your career and run your business, all at your fingertips!

Class Materials

The Moonstone Energy University 8 Figure Playbook is a college ruled, matte, 150 page journal included with purchase. The 8 Figure Playbook can be used for motivational purposes, taking notes in class or your mentorship sessions and as a vessel for your profitable 8 figure ideas. Whatever you choose, make sure you manifest the life you desire most. A code for FREE SHIPPING will be issued upon enrollment. Click the thumbnail to access more M.E.U. products.

Get All The Plays In A Training Session

Join me and other entrepreneurs for a masterclass that will change your life forever. I will be teaching you:

How To Build Your Ideal Avatar

How To Define Your Purpose & Apply It Day 1

How To Use Your Current Skillset & Apply It

The Essentials Guide E-Book Tour

Convince Your Target Audience 

Take advantage of this offer by Registering Now to receive The We Don't Gate Keep Essentials Guide only available in the Moonstone Energy University

Upcoming Class Information:

Where: Here on teachable

When: On your time!

Amount: FREE!!!

See What My Client Had To Say:

"I joined the Moonstone Energy mentorship 3 months ago. Within those 3 months, Kristina has shown me how to take charge of my life again! She has helped me not to give up on my business. She helped me to see that even though the market is vast, don’t give up. We can all eat. Don’t doubt your abilities! Keep working at your business. She will help you perfect your business and give you some insight on what’s missing. She is truly a great businesswoman. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity" 

- Latashia N. of Idea Custom Designs & Let's Talk About it With Tay Podcast

Leads As The Driving Force

It's no secret! You can't have a successful business without leads! You need to be where your customers are! This workbook was designed to assist you in organizing your thoughts and your strategy to land new clients!

Essentials Guide To Be Launch Day Ready

This Free E-Book will assist you with staying organized while prepping for your launch and get all of the tea on the essentials every e-commerce entrepreneur needs.

13 Courses & Counting!

All the help that you need in 13 courses! The playing field can change over time, so why not update the material and add more classes?......Make sure to sign up for the mailing list to be the first to know!

Personal Development

Every GREAT entrepreneur shows up for themselves! They understand that having discipline and nurturing themselves mentally & physically, will render great results in their business!

Up and Running in No Time!

Learn how to efficiently become grand opening ready in 72 hours! Take what you've absorbed here and master your business along with apps that make being a CEO easy!

Hands in More Than One Pot

Just because you're really good at one thing, doesn't mean that you are limited to ONE lane! Learn how to turn that ONE into FIVE, SIX, even SEVEN streams and counting!.....The successful ones make it happen, WITHOUT the burnout.

Leverage Social Media

Learn the latest tips & tricks on how to use social media in your business to broaden your reach and tap in with your niche audience. By understanding the analytics behind the apps, you will find your ideal customer in no time!

Join The Lecture

The learning and help doesn't have to end after 1,2 or even 3 months! Join a growing community of other entrepreneurs in the Geneva App for Q&A's, tutoring sessions to help you in your business, continued access to the University, access to new courses and more all at the tip of your fingers and for $27/mo!

Walk The Stage Into Entrepreneurship

All students that successfully complete all courses within the allotted timeframe will receive a diploma to hang on the wall to remind them of their dedication to themselves and their goals! Congratulations!

Resources On Resources

The tea has been spilled! When you win, we all do! No need to gate keep! You will have exclusive access to all resources available to help you succeed in your business! A successful entrepreneur utilizes their resources and strategizes to make things move!